Hello & Welcome!

Hey there! If we are just meeting, my name is Christine Nicole, and I'm a Spiritual Empowerment & Business Launch Coach to Purpose-Driven+Freedom-Craving Entrepreneurs + Coaches. I am also a Reiki & Crystal Healer, Certified Physiologist, Kinesiologist & Skincare Founder + Formulator for Bodycherish, Gemstone Charged Skincare.

Now that that mouthful is outta the way, I want to share with you what really throws me out of bed in the morning. It is working with women who are wanting to uncover their passions and purpose so that they can build their own authentic brand & launch it with confidence and clarity! 

Why? So that they can feel more joy, ease and freedom, while embarking on a deeply fulfilling career path that offers positive impact in the world and the lives of others. Sounds good, right!?

How'd I get into all this? Well, I am truly passionate about holistic healing because of my own skin issues & major health challenges (read more below) and that is what has inspired Bodycherish... which is so much more than just skincare...
Bodycherish's vision is to empower women to create their most vibrant health & well-being - body, mind & spirit. The mission is to inspire radical self love & care, through information, products & services - all designed to cherish your body, nourish your spirit & adore every bit of your life! 

All skincare products are handcrafted & sourced from mama nature's finest ingredients. Bodycherish is also vegan & free of toxins, parabans, sufates, dyes & fragrances + plus made with the vibrational healing power of gemstone essences & Reiki which makes it a truly holistic approach to beauty.

So how did I get here? My Story is that I went from unhappy, unfulfilled & unhealthy party girl, to a woman on fucking mission to do everything my Soul desires to experience, do and share in this life.
In my late twenties it appeared like I had it all, for I was married, had good paying job, a nice house and plans for having a baby. Sure, my life appeared "successful" on the outside but it sure didn't FEEL successful on the inside. The truth is that it felt empty & lacklustre. I was in an unhealthy relationship & working in an unfulfilling job just for the weekends to escape reality by binge drinking. 
My white picket fence wasn't all that is was cracked up to be. My inner light was dimmed by hangovers and I was living without any magic or sparkle due to the lower vibration I was operating within. I was living in “Survival Mode” (a.k.a. just getting by on auto-pilot) versus my current “Miracle Mindset Mode” where I now expect & receive, like a magnet, wonderful opportunities, experiences and relationships into my life.
In the picture on the left (down below), I had toxin & alcohol saturated body, inflamed red skin, adult acne, eczema patches all over, allergic skin reactions, mood irritability, chronic insomnia, poor eating habits, crummy self esteem and body image, irregular exercise habits & low energy, zero spiritual practice, an ever going battle up and down on the weigh scale, minimal to no leisure pursuits & a downright disconnect with my true self & higher purpose. I was only 25 years old in the picture on the left and already feeling depleted.
To add fuel to fire, back in summer of 2013 (I am writing this in 2019), I fell down my staircase, lost my consciousness, fractured my skull, sustained a traumatic brain injury and lost (still to this day) 100% my sense of smell. This happened on my 29th birthday because I was drunk (as per usual back then but now sober AF). This was the same summer of chaos in which I got a divorce, lost my house, had friendships fall away but most importantly...lost my sense of identity of who I was in this world...Talk about some BIG life changes (AKA Saturn Returns!!)

...but what happened next is quite interesting. As I started to get my life in order and practice radical self-love & care, my sensitivities to the energies around me also started to heighten. Specifically, my draw to the elemental kingdom (aka healing crystals & gems) increased at an exponential rate, along with my spiritual awakening for that matter! It was as if my body had to make up for the loss of one primary sense (smell) by enhancing & strengthening another sense (my energetic sense) in how I now choose to show up & navigate my life this world.

At the same time of these changes my ‪‎inner guidance system strengthened and I developed the ability to "just know" the right ratios and which ingredients to use (without ever even smelling them). I learned to open myself up to receive necessary guidance and trust that the right answers would always come in - which by the way always lead me to the next best step decision in my life and in my company. It's funny how the Universe works isn't it?
I mean, who decides to create a skincare line (which of course has to smell divine) AFTER losing 100% their sense of smell?! I do and it's been wildly successful thanks to something greater and bigger than just myself. Some may (and do) joke that it's someone who hit their head too hard falling down the stairs. From first hand experience, I know it to be true that it is the contrasting life experiences that actually serve us by being the necessary catalyst to propel us into a new, brilliant and bright future.

I share this story as proof that when you listen to your inner guidance system (what your soul is calling you to do) the Universe will conspire in your favour and open up doors that didn't exist before. Trust me, you will be brought the success you deserve when you follow your heart and your divinely, inspired life path...NO MATTER WHAT may appear like a major barrier along the way! Hope this inspires you & now is your chance to learn more about the transformational life and business coaching programs I offer here.