Are we the right fit?

These days there are many coaches out there and many different kinds of offerings to say the least. When you are making a big decision to invest in a coach, you want to make sure it is the RIGHT FIT FOR YOU. To ensure you can feel confident in your decision, I offer complimentary discovery calls that usually take upwards of 30 minutes. This let's us get a feel for one another:)

To help me prepare for your discovery call, please copy and paste the following questions with your responses and then send my way via email at Please title the email Coaching Discovery Call (followed by your name in brackets). This will ensure I get to your email within 24 hours. Feel free to also ask me any questions that you may have:)

  • First and last name:
  • Email and phone number:
  • What are the main areas of your life you seem to be experiencing challenges or road blocks?
  • How are these challenges impacting your your health & well-being (for example: stress levels, sleep, energy, clarity of thought, creative spark, motivation, level of inspiration, etc..)
  • How are these challenges impacting how you feel about yourself?
  • Are you having any recurring obstacles or challenges regarding your business endeavours or workplace satisfaction?
  • Are  you having any relationship difficulties (whether that be with your current partner or lack thereof)? Or do you seem to be drawing in the wrong kind of partner?
  • Are you ready to take 100% accountability for your current life circumstance? Meaning, no more holding onto victim mentality. I know, this is a tough one, especially when you have been faced with incredible challenges that seemed out of your control.
  • Are you read to commit to yourself 100%? This means are you ready to do what is necessary to not only like yourself but radically LOVE YOURSELF no matter what in the most unconditional & ever-lasting way?
  • Are you ready to forgive yourself (and anyone else) for anything you (or they) have ever done in the past?
  • Are you open to constructive feedback to zero in on roadblocks to help you bust through to a new level of BEING and LIVING in this world?
  • Are you ready to FEEL the way you DESIRE TO FEEL IN LIFE? To wake up with inspiration in your belly, feeling connected to your passions and purpose?
  • Are you ready to feel like anything is possible as long as you put your mind, heart and soul into? That means (and maybe for the first time) allowing your heart and soul to lead the way. A way that may seem different or unfamiliar but is guaranteed to bring you into a life of fulfillment.
  • Are you ready to no longer allow fear and your ego to run the show and tell you why you can't do something or why you can't reach your goals?
  • Are you ready to feel really, really good in your body, mind and spirit, feeling connected, vibrant, joyful and in love with your life?

By the end of all these questions, you probably already know if we are going to be the right fit. Thank-you beautiful & magnificent woman. You are here for a reason. Ready to rise and be all that you came here to be. I see you. believe in you. I can't wait to meet you!

xo Christine