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I'm Christine Nicole & I am an Empowerment & Spiritual Life & Business Coach. I love my field so much because it is a High Vibin' & Holistic Approach to to Feeling Lit Up From Within!
I am also the formulator of Bodycherish's Organic Beauty Treasures, a Certified Exercise Physiologist & Kinesiologist & Energy Healer (Certified Crystal Healer & Reiki Practitioner). I am truly passionate about holistic healing & clean beauty (because of my own skin issues & health challenges) and that is what has inspired Bodycherish products, which are crafted from Mama Nature's finest, organic ingredients & the vibrational healing powers of gemstone energy (essences).
So how did I get here? My Story is that I went from unhappy, unfulfilled & unhealthy party girl, to High Vibin' Soulpreneur & Holistic Lifestyle Junkie, wildly obsessed with positive transformation from the inside out. In my late twenties it appeared like I had it all, for I was married, had good paying job, a nice house and plans for having a baby. Sure, my life appeared "successful" on the outside but it sure didn't FEEL successful on the inside. The truth is that it felt empty & lacklustre. I was in an unhealthy relationship & working in an unfulfilling job just for the weekends to escape reality by binge drinking. My white picket fence wasn't all that is was cracked up to be. My inner light was dimmed by hangovers and I was living without any magic or sparkle due to the lower vibration I was operating within. I was living in “Survival Mode” (a.k.a. just getting by on auto-pilot) versus my current “Miracle Mindset Mode” where I now expect & receive, like a magnet, wonderful opportunities, experiences and relationships into my life.
In the picture on the left I am 25 pounds heavier with a toxin & alcohol saturated body, inflamed red skin, adult acne, eczema patches all over, allergic skin reactions (hives and itching all the time), mood irritability, chronic insomnia, stress, stress & more stress, poor eating habits, crummy self esteem and body image, irregular exercise habits & low energy, zero spiritual practice, an ever going battle up and down on the weigh scale, minimal to no leisure pursuits & a downright disconnect with my true self & higher purpose. I was 25 years old in the top left picture and 19 years old in the bottom left and both feeling depleted... On the right I am 25 pounds lighter with a healthy & nourished body, as well as acne & eczema free skin, which I attribute to raising my vibration, which included exchanging my old beauty products for my all-natural and organic skincare products.
...But more importantly than the outside changes are the inside changes that took place.attribute the transformation of my life, from the inside out, due to practicing radical self love and care (and for the first time ever I started prioritizing how I feeling). It was actually through my own personal transformational journey, that involved a series of cataclysmic events within a few short months including getting a divorce, losing my house, losing friendships, starting over, sustaining a traumatic brain injury, fracturing my skull, losing 100% my sense of smell (which subsequently lead to an exponential increase in my energetic sensitivities & intuitive/empathic traits). All of this change and turmoil was taking place while I was trying desperately to become happier and healthier in my life. During that contrasting time (blessing in disguise in my books), I became strongly pulled to a more holistic approach to health that focused on the body, mind & spirit. It was during that time I discovered first hand the principles of the law of attraction, value of positive mindset & achieving good feeling states, and the incredible benefits of energy healing. This eventually lead me to become a Reiki Practitioner & Certified Crystal Healer and a Holistic Lifestyle & Empowerment Coach. 
I believe in Bodycherish products & services because they work. The products have changed my skin and are nourishing to my body & spirit. The holistic lifestyle empowerment offerings I share have transformed my life & I believe everyone deserves the same. Challenges do not have to break you. They can instead be viewed as stepping stones that sculpt us into an ever-growing & changing masterpiece.
My personal growth and transformational changes have lit a fire inside me & igniting my hunger to create, to serve, and to make a positive difference in the world & in the lives of others. If you are curious to learn what the coaching can offer, click here:)
..and to wrap up what Bodycherish is really all about:
The Vision is to empower woman to create their most vibrant health & well-being - body, mind & spirit. The mission is to inspire radical self love & care, through information, products & services; all designed to Nourish Your Spirit, Cherish Your Body and, in doing so, Adore Your Life!
    • Advocate for Radical Self-Love & Care 
    • Truth Seeker, Indigo, Highly Sensitive & Intuitive Empath
    • Holistic Empowerment & Spiritual Life & Business Coach
    • Certified in Motivational Interviewing
    • Natural Skincare Formulator & Green Beauty Enthusiast
    • Certified Reiki Practitioner & Crystal Healer
    • Certified Exercise Physiologist & Therapist
    • Certified Personal Trainer & Professional Kinesiologist
    • Brand Your Passions Graduate
    • Soul Print Healing Graduate
    • B-School Graduate
    • Certified in Contemporary Cupping Therapy
    • University Degree in Physical Education
    • Certified in Myofascial Release (therapeutic ball rolling)
    • Professional & Commercial Liability Insurance