Energy Healing & Empowerment Coaching (scroll down for product testimonials) 

"I am incredibly lucky to have Christine as my holistic empowerment coach - my life would not be the same without her! Her coaching was the start of my journey into taking my photography business to the next level as she provided me the foundation for 10x growth and success! My business has catapulted after she changed my perspective on what is possible for my life and work, and trained me to become a money magnet!

More importantly I have become more empathetic, caring and loving in all of my endeavours, especially my current relationship. Every week I look forward to the 1-on-1 calls with Christine. She is a JOY to chat with and carefully listens first, then shares her wealth of experience, unique insights and ideas to ponder.

The energy healing she provides is a fantastic value-add and just what I needed to help the healing process of my past inner wounds. Ever since Christine opened my eyes to the world of self love & care practices, the way I feel about myself has radically changed - I now love all aspects of my life!

Thank you Christine for putting your heart and soul into what you do, I am sure you will continue to inspire and empower other women to live an incredible life aligned with their purpose and passion!" Jean Mao, Professional Photographer, Jeanspiration Twitter: jean_mao Insta: jeanspiration

"Christine’s coaching program was exactly what I needed to pull me out of the darkness that I was living in for months. I had been struggling, looking for a solution to the stirring that I felt in my heart. I was feeling unhappy with my life and experiencing breakdowns every few months. I knew there was more to life than my corporate 9-5 job, my “perfect” life which just empty, dark and depressing. I felt frustrated that I was not feeling fulfilled with my life, unsure of where to turn to determine how to find happiness.

Her program helped my find my light, it helped me understand what my limiting beliefs were, and how to discover what my true desires are!

You can feel her energy in the 1 on 1 calls, the weekly homework was manageable with a full time job, children and a marriage to balance. I love having a basket of tools to use when I am feeling stuck, tapping, yoga, meditation, self-talk and practicing gratitude! I have learned to shine my light , and I am currently laying the foundation for my own business and leaving my corporate job at the end of the year. Thank you Christine!!!" Megan Heinen, Young Living Essential Oil Distributor (#2107809) Web: MegsOilyLife Insta: megsoilylife

"Looking back now, my path was aligned to connect with Christine.  It didn't take me long to decide that I needed to invest in myself and sign up for her truly remarkable unique holistic coaching program. I knew I needed to get my ass in gear, as all my reading and mentors I followed on FB wasn't enough to step up my game and really change my life. I literally said to myself , I need to stop Dickn around and do something awesome for ME. This was a huge decision as I'm currently on mat leave. However, I put my excuses aside and invested in myself spiritually, mentally, emotionally and financially. Best decision ever!  

Christine's natural insight, warm personality and intuitive mindset was truly remarkable. The course content led me on a fun, rewarding and inspirational journey. I received so many helpful tools and found what resonates with me which I now incorporate into my life daily. 

When we are connected and aligned to source energy, its so amazing what positive changes and remarkable experiences occur! It's natural . Each and everyone of us has gifts to share with the world and it starts with working on ourselves. How empowering!!  It was truly life changing for me and would highly recommend anyone thinking about investing in themselves to trust the timing, trust your curiosity and be willing and open, the rest falls into place!  

The world has so many possibilities and opening up to the unlimited abundance out there is the best feeling ever! I'm very grateful for this coaching course and for Christine's enlightened vision to help soul sisters be the best versions of themselves! She is a true gem. I am extremely grateful." O. WilliamsCoaching Client 

"I just completed the 12 Week Holistic Empowerment Coaching with Christine. And I can’t even begin to tell you how happy that I did! What I gained from her I will carry with me forever, she guided me in finding my true passion, confidence and voice.  I was just finishing up school and was living in a state of “ Why am I not on this life journey that so many friends and women my age are on?” She guided me into finding my own peace with in myself to turn that into the fire that I carry in my business and life.  

She is kind, honest, and dedicated to guiding you in whatever life journey you are on.  I can't say it enough this has been a life changing experience for me and I really look forward to continuing working with Christine.  The added bonus to the program is the constant support, encouragement, In person/ distance Reiki sessions, and all the wonderful added bonus content that is provided is absolutely amazing!

Be prepared to be awoken from the old you that is stuck in your head to a new Empowered Goddess!" Shauna Schwindt ~Owner of Humbly Unique Wellness ~Health, Wellness & Nutrition Coordinator, FB:Humbly Unique Wellness, Insta:@humblyuniquewellness, humblyuniquewellness@wordpress.com

"Thank you so much! That was one of the best Reiki sessions I've had. I also found the way you do things incredibly inspiring!...Thanks again! Will definitely be referring you to people I know looking for hands-on Reiki & Crystal healing (as I, myself only do hands-on with the animals)." Nicole, Sherwood Park,  Reiki & crystal healing client 

"I found Christine by luck. I decided to get rid of the high end cosmetics and related products that I was using and find organic facial products. I found her facial ritual on-line and was surprised that she offered Reiki and crystal healing. Not knowing anything about her, I read her about her personal journey and decided to try Reiki which I have had many times in the past (locally). I have now had 3 sessions (plan on more) and absolutely loved my monthly Reiki. Christine is a warm and generous soul. If you have never experienced distance Reiki I highly recommend that you work with Christine. She will help you clear your negative energy and guide your beautiful spirit to be the positive soul that was intended. Her videos are informative so make time to watch and learn from her powerful messages. 

My only regret is that I live in another country and would love to meet her one day. Do not worry about distant Reiki good energy will travel via her wonderful soul." Lisa L. Virginia U.S.A (distance Reiki & crystal healing client)

"Thank you again so so much for the energy healing yesterday !! I am feeling so freaking good and can't stop smiling...One of the best things to have in my life !! Just love it :)"  Reiki & crystal healing client 

"Hi C! Quick check in! Well, the magic continues to unfold. I'm the luckiest woman in the world to have met the man I've just met... I will continue to keep you posted. Life gets better and better each second...Plus, a slew of other incredible things have happened--just as I suspected they might. A deep bow of gratitude for all that you are and all that you do in this world. I will certainly be in touch again to schedule another session when I need it! In the meantime, I am sending you heaps of love and all that you need from moment to moment! :-) distance Reiki client 

"Thank you so much! And I just asked someone if she was open to Reiki distance healing work. If she is, I'm giving her your information. ;-)" distance Reiki client

"Thank you so much! Words cannot describe how good I am feeling right now :) Have a great long weekend!!" Reiki & crystal healing client

"Hello Christine, I want to thank you for the session last night and follow-up details. My fingers were tingling quite a bit and then I fell asleep!. I will be requesting another session in a few weeks. All the best" Marylinda (distance Reiki client)

"Hi Christine, You truly made my day! When I think about you, your wonderful energy will be with me for a very long time. I loved my session and I feel very energized. I will use your products soon this evening as I am excited about using them!...Thank you for the very thorough recap. I am especially drawn to the Apophyllite. My favourite go to deck is Doreen Virtue's Healing with the Angels and guess what, you picked Serena, Angel of Abundance and I picked the Abundance card this morning as one of my 3 cards. Your oracle decks are very nice. I can't thank you enough Christine and already I am telling my friends about how fabulous you are. Thank you. Thank you." Jean (Reiki & crystal healing client)

"What an amazing experience I had with you! Thank you so much Christine. I really appreciate all the information you've sent and I'm very excited to go through everything." Trina (1st time Reiki & crystal healing client)

"I am on cloud 9 today! I laid in bed last night and focused on breathing (while receiving the distance Reiki). Totally felt more effects last night than ever before <3" (coaching & distance energy healing client)

"That was f#cking awesome. Just did my first round of Emotional Freedom Technique. Mind blown. Problem Solved. Feeling empowered. Thank you <3" Megan (coaching client)

"Thank you so much for the (distance Reiki) energy healing this morning. It was a great way to start my day. I absolutely loved the session. I could feel healing vibrations going to the back of my neck. I also felt my ear pop. It's funny you mention digestion. I kept hearing my stomach moving around/settling. I was also sensing to do something with digestion...I love that you recommended citrine and green calcite for digestion as well. I will definitely use both to assist with this. Again, thank you so much! I will definitely be back and recommend you to others too. Much Love." Kristin (distance energy healing client) 

"I love your videos!!! Thank-you so much for sharing them with me. I am slowly working through them and love love love all the info!!" (coaching client)

"This (distance Reiki) was FABULOUS thank you. I started feeling in the zone about 3 minutes in.. Totally relaxed, a clear mind, a sense of peace and grace. Really find the pictures and cards very helpful as well.. Love they are emailed so I can read them anytime. Thank you sunshine!" Orian (coaching and distance energy healing client)

"I've been reflecting on my distance reiki session. It was so amazing, and intriguing! I didn't know what to expect, going into it. My hands started to feel kind of cold... that's the best way I can think to describe it.. and the entire time, it was like I could this rhythmic pulsation from my hands, running up my arms. I didn't fall asleep, but I definitely entered some other state of consciousness. And I've been feeling pretty great this past week! Level. Grounded. I feel like reiki could be addicting!! Haha. And the cards you drew... they definitely spoke to me!!!" Amanda (distance energy healing client)

"I just wanted to say thank you so very much for yesterday! You are such a gem and I'm so glad you've come into my life. I am beyond excited to see where the next year will take me! I was talking with one of my clients today and he's looking at buying a bunch of bays close to his business already and offered for one of them to be mine so I could start up my own business ! Not going to lie super freaked out but at the same time extremely grateful! Who knows what will happen but I'm so happy that I now have access to you and you have given me so much more motivation that I can do this and how much I want to help people just like how you are! Much love" Jessica (Reiki client)

"You have to be the most positive and resilient person I've ever met. I've never met anyone who walks their talk like you. Or anyone who is so confident in the power of their thoughts. And probably even more importantly, I've never met anyone who can harness their thoughts and use them positively like you do. It's really an amazing thing. You make me want to be stronger when adversity comes at me. Or when I want to reach my goals."

"Thank you so much for the call. I felt a lot lighter, and happier after our FaceTime session." Steph (coaching client)

"Christine is next level! I have had many energy work sessions by other practitioners but after my first session with Christine, it became clear she was the real deal. She was able to take me to a depth I have never been able to get to before. Christine's professionalism, compassion and warmth create the perfect safe space for genuine healing to occur. Her passion and knowledge for crystal healing is very evident but it's her intuition that amazes me every time we have the pleasure of meeting." Dr. Jessica Stankowski, BA (Psych), RAc, DTCM (Reiki client)

"Thank you so much for the wonderful treatment yesterday!!" (Reiki client)

"At first I was really excited but worried that I wouldn't feel anything my first Reiki & Crystal Healing treatment. Christine told me I may feel a hot or cold sensation or maybe even nothing. When she first put her hands on my head it felt like I had a cool sensation on my face. When she moved down to my stomach I felt a warm sensation. After that I just felt like I was floating, aware of my surrounding but not a thought in my head. It felt like an hour of meditation. Afterwards I felt extremely relax and energized. It was such a great experience and I really appreciated the explanation and education Christine gave me before my session to better understand the dynamics of reiki and crystals. Can’t wait to go back!" (Reiki client)

"Wow thank you Christine! I was feeling great after the Reiki session and woke up the next day feeling love, and energized. First thoughts I had on Saturday was crystals in my water so thank you for that link I will check it out. It was great session and I recommended you to a few of my friends & family members. I'm really looking forward to booking a crystal session!!! Thank you again and see you soon." (Reiki client)

"Thank you so much - I am still processing what happened. I don’t even have words except thank you!" (Reiki 

"I Had the most amazing experience by Christine of Bodycherish. Christine offered an energy healing session to balance my chakras. I found my body responding and begin to relax, her touch was so gentle and soothing. She explained everything to me prior as I had never had this type of treatment before. I felt so relaxed and grounded walking out of her space. You can feel the positive energy any time when around Christine she is someone who’s passion shines through her work." (Reiki client)

"I'd like to book another Reiki & crystal healing treatment, it worked wonders on me last time! The best way to describe how I'm feeling right now is that after a challenging year I feel like I'm coming back into my power and feeling more like myself.. but I'm also constricting it as soon as it comes in. I'm very aware that I'm doing it. Like I'm stomping on my own ability to feel joy again.. hope that helps you with which magic crystals to place on me :)" (Reiki client)

"It was a great [distance Reiki healing] session! I felt warmth and calming sensations in my arms, legs and chest. Thanks for pulling the cards. The calcite card makes sense for me and the romance angel card too. I'm healing from a relationship ending so it was nice to see that card." Dustin (distance energy healing client)

"Thank you again for an incredible experience!! I feel fantastic!!!" (Reiki client)

"Thanks so much! I super enjoyed our treatment yesterday!" (Reiki client)

"Christine is always warm and respectful in her communications. She actively listens and clarifies information as needed. She models ongoing empathy and respect for her clients…and her down to earth nature and frank honesty is much appreciated...She is always enthusiastic and cheerful and communicates optimism in the face of challenge. She involves herself with innovations, self-generated, or initiated by others. She is always looking for ways to improve her work. She is a bundle of contagious energy!"

"I am feeling great thank-you" (Reiki client)

"Thank you again so much for yesterday. I feel refreshed, I feel a definite shift in my consciousness, and more than anything I feel really grateful to be on a similar life track with someone I feel is so inspiring and got so much good going on in her life" (Reiki client)

Product Testimonials

"Hi Christine, first of all, I want to start by saying my daughter and I absolutely love your skin care products.  We have been using them for about 3 weeks and our skin looks so healthy and dewy. It just glows. We will definitely be ordering more. I am a breast cancer survivor and have tried many natural skin care lines, and I am so happy that I have found yours.  It is amazing... Having had breast cancer I am very cautious now what I put in and on my body and only use beauty products that are free of parabens and toxic chemicals.  I am so happy to have found you.  Christine you are such an inspiration, and you are filled with such positive energy.  I wished you lived in here, but it is great I can order your products on-line." 

"This stuff [Organic Dry Skin Repair] works amazing!!!! I can't believe how much my nails have grown!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 Must order more... I haven't been able to grow my nails… ever.  I can’t even explain how it happened, but I started rubbing this oil on my hands and nails right before I went to bed every night, and voila! Thick, strong, healthy nails. This oil is amazing! not just for nails, the entire body!!!!" Shauna S.

"I absolutely love these salt crystals 💜 they smell incredible and it's great me time !! Had my self care Saturday night ! Full moon, detox bath and meditation"

"Your products are amazing! I just wanted to let you know that your skin care products have made a big difference on my face already. My face is less red and my skin is softer. I also like that with the serum my makeup looks dewy." Jean R.

"Thank you so so much ? I'm absolutely in love with these products as they don't react with my skin and make it flare up ! Super handy to travel with too!!" Jessica L.

"MY FACE FEELS AMAZING! I love it love it love it !!!!" Tasha M.

"I just wanted to let you know that I used the (High Vibin') scrub this morning, and couldn't resist adding the (Vanilla Mint) body butter, and they are both absolutely incredible! I will need to be ordering these by the gallon size LOL. One of my favourite things in life is coffee, so the scrub was right up my alley!" Christy C.

"P.s. I used the vitamin c with the elixir and serum this morning.. you were so right. My face feels like a baby's bottom!" Jessica L.

"How can I get my hands on more of the Organic Facial Oil you gave me? It's the first thing that has actually worked for me. Literally in 4 years of acne. I wanted to wait until my period started to come so I could see if my skin flared up.. and it has been quite mild! But I've also had WAY more stress lately (flying) so I'm shocked" Sophie Gray, Boss Lady at Way of Gray 

"I am loving my new skincare products!" Lauren McVeigh

"My box arrived!!! It was quicker than I thought it would be! I am in love with your products! I've never had a skin regime before but I'm doing the facial kit twice a day and feeling lovely! Thank you so much for all your efforts!" Natasha Arnott, Osteopath

"I am absolutely loving my toning elixir and oil and the masks. Just breathing in the scents makes me feel uplifted!" Kim Quilala

"Who knew that something as simple as taking care of your skin after a shower makes you feel like 1 million dollars =) Thank you for making such amazing products. I look forward to ordering more. Cheers!"

"I wanted to let you know that I am a HUGE FAN of your Vanilla Mint Organic Beauty Butter! Not only does this product melt instantly into your skin, it does not leave a sticky or oily residue as do most body butters. I also love the fact that a little of the product goes a long way.

I also am really excited that this product is made with all natural ingredients, and, if I may say so, I have found that because the beauty butter also contains crystal essences, this is what makes the product unique. I feel rejuvenated and pampered all at the same time, which makes me feel good! If I could bathe in this product, I totally would.This is something that will definitely help my skin stay well hydrated over the course of the dry winter months!" Nicole Tesorio

"My skin is so much BRIGHTER after only two months of incorporating these three  products [Facial Toning Elixir, Organic Facial Serum & Hydrate & Cleanse] in my daily skin care ritual. Not only are these products way more affordable than my previous (chemical-based) skin care routine but they last a long time too! Bonus!" Erin

"I absolutely love Organic Body Detox purifying oil by BodyCherish!! I have been using this oil for the past few months and can’t believe what a difference I have noticed in the reduction of cellulite and increase in tone and moisture of my skin. My favourite way to use this product is by applying after dry brushing my thighs and buttocks. I also apply this to my groin, bottom of my feet and breast after every shower to stimulate lymph drainage.

As an acupuncturist, I have recommended this product to number of patients who are receiving chemotherapy. These patients have a weakened immune system and are being over loaded with harsh chemicals which the Organic Body Detox oil helps to draw out. I also love to use this product on patients who have hormonal imbalances like PMS and menopause. I would highly recommend this product as a daily treat to your cherish your body. P.S. If you haven’t tried the Facial Toning Elixir and Organic Facial Serium duo, you are truly missing you. I have tried other toners and serums and nothing compares. They are both so light on the skin and I love the subtle scent. Even my boyfriend has taken to using them!" Tamara Gervais Registered Acupuncturist

"I have tried all of the masks and love them all. My skin feels incredible, I am so in love with your facial products!" Carrie Shaw

"I love your services and LOVE your products!! I think it is important to talk about Hayden's sensitive skin and how she will only use your stuff :) I will be stalking up for xmas soon :)" Colleen Fenwick

"Picked some more pink Himalayan bath salts. Also and trying the organic skin quench. I used the organic skin quench this morning and have felt so amazing, calm and happiness. Thank you for ur amazing gift of making these wonderful healing products they truly are amazing" Hailey Henituik

"I love it all! I've tried so many store bought brands and will never go back. I can't believe what goes into all of their products." Suzanne Mitchell

"Well, I smothered myself in this delightful concoction (Natural Sun Cream) before my son's football practice. Not only did I smell divine, I escaped unscathed from sitting in the sun for an hour!" JoAnne Dore, Yoga Teacher & Wellness Guru

"I just want to tell you...I've been using your Organic Body Detox oil. 15 years ago I developed a cyst under my right arm. It's flared up many times since and left me with some fairly large lumps and scars. After just a couple days of using the oil I noticed the lumps were smaller!At thispoint they are nearly gone. Awesome product. Thank-you. Excited to get all the products in the clinic!" Cora Thayer, Owner/RMT @ Aida Massage & Wellness 

"I have really enjoyed the oils; especially the Organic Body Detox oil.  I wanted to let you know that several months before you visited in late March, I had started getting some weird sensations in both my breasts, feeling like I may have lumps.  I was about to seek out a doctor to investigate (I really hate going to the doctor).  After I started using the detox oil on my breasts, the sensations went away (it did take several days).  I have found that if I quit applying the oil, the sensations come back in a couple days.  This has happened about 3 times. Later, I saw on your testimonial page that several other ladies have had similar experiences.  Thank you so much!  (plus, I like the way it smells-all 3 oils)" Mary Parker

"I recently went for an ultrasound because I noticed some lumps in my breasts and so I went to see my Doctor for an initial exam... I felt unsettled... so I started reading and started body brushing to encourage lymphatic drainage, and started using my Body Detox Oil, as well as reducing my meat consumption and eating more raw, wholesome veggies. I went to the ultrasound and the radiologist said he saw nothing concerning. The initial lump I felt which was hard and at least the size of a large frozen pea is gone. So crazy... I read that detoxing and body brushing can get rid of breast cysts and for real it has happened to me. My lump is gone. Crazy. Not to mention, I feel amazing. So thanks so much for being an inspiration. xoxo"  Megan Heinen

"I would just like to share a testimonial regarding the Organic Body Detox (purifying oil). I have been treating a client for a completely unrelated issue. Although she has been in menopause for a few years, lately she has been experiencing severe breast tenderness and swelling. Her GP did run all the tests to eliminate breast cancer etc and determined that it is hormone related. Last week she came in and was in severe discomfort, I asked her if she would like to try the Detox oil, she said she would try anything at this point because nothing she had tried has helped. So I stepped out of the room so she could apply the oil as directed. I saw my client yesterday and she reported she has no more pain. She was so amazed at the results that she drove all the way to Sherwood Park to pick up a bottle for herself." Equilibrium Reflexology

"Loving it...I really do like or the vitamin C polish as my skin feels super soft afterwards, and the pink mask is awesome too! And I love the serum. I love it all!" Beatrice Leung

"My nightstand is pretty sweet now with my amazing skincare and detox ritual thanks to BodyCherish. I sleep sounder when I use my Organic Body Detox and wake up feeling much more rested! I also no longer find myself grinding my teeth as much." Suzanne Mitchell

"I've been meaning to tell you how much I loveeeee the facial elixir and serum! You have got an amazing thing going with Body Cherish. Keep it up...so inspirational, my friend! Count me in for your next order as I don't want to be without my new twice-a-day facial ritual!" Jill Skoreyko

"I absolutely love your facial line." Irma Schuur

"I am absolutely in love with your product. It makes my skin feel like it's glowing with love and good vibes." Mercedes Treeter

"I just wanted to let you know that I've been using your products for a few days now and I am so beyond impressed! It's amazing because even though the packaging and labeling are very simple, the contents speak for themselves and are truly special. There are very few products that you can feel contain such love and energy. 

I'm going to be focusing more on some of the soul searching that I'm doing, and my journey in self love, and your line perfectly fits with that in many ways. It came into my life at the exact right moment! I've been using those few minutes when I apply the skin care items to connect with and thank my body, almost as a meditation in mindfulness. The body oil is the best one I've tried for my dry, winter skin and I am totally hooked on the vanilla mint scent of the butter - it reminds me of After Eights! I will have to try your other ones now too as I imagine they are also amazing." Alanna Cairns

"I just want to say how happy I am with your product. I used the body oil when I came out of the shower and it feels and smells Divine. The vanilla mint body butter is wonderful too! Thank-you so much. I will share your product with my team, maybe it is something we could promote at the clinic. Cheers!" Chantelle Pruden (RMT)

"I recently discovered your Organic Vanilla Lavender Body Butter and I completely fell in love with it and now I am obsessed! I am personally a huge proponent of the organic, non-gmo, healthy and conscience lifestyle. I believe that we all need to really embrace this lifestyle in order to protect the longevity of our health and well being." Erin Beck

"I am totally in love with all the goodies I got! I was so excited about everything that I got my coworkers to try it and they were in love with it all so you may see an order from them soon!"  Paulina Sienko

."Thank-you so much for my goodies, love everything! Nathan and I both had baths last night to try the salts. Just wonderful. Kids want to try them too." Shandelle Rudko

"All natural, organic and pure and it (vanilla mint) smells sooo good! I would highly recommend it. Thank-you BodyCherish." Amanda VanBrabant

"Love love the vanilla mint body butter! Thank-you so much!" Trina Hlushak

"The vanilla mint one smells good too. I noticed that it leaves my skin feeling smoother but not greasy like certain types of lotion." Dustin Jackson

"I just bought some stuff and received it yesterday. I am in love with it!!!!" Lindsay Amyotte

"I do have to mention that I found out that my daughter has really sensitive skin and cannot use many products on her skin as they irritate it. Christine provided a sample of the Organic Beauty Butter in Vanilla Citrine and it’s the best product on the market!! My daughter loves putting it on her and says that she smells like Terry’s Orange Chocolate. She smells fantastic and her skin is moisturized with all natural products. This stuff is amazing for you ...and your kids!" Colleen Fenwick

"Yay!!! They are perfect!! Thank you so much. We are so fortunate to have Body Cherish part of the Sweet Pea & Noelle family... GREAT NEWS! We sold out of Bath salts and need to order WAY more! How does 15 sound? Thank you!"

"Love, LOVE my new products!! thanks much!" Dora Newcombe