Service Testimonials

"Christine is next level! I have had many energy work sessions by other practitioners but after my first session with Christine, it became clear she was the real deal. She was able to take me to a depth I have never been able to get to before. Christine's professionalism, compassion and warmth create the perfect safe space for genuine healing to occur. Her passion and knowledge for crystal healing is very evident but it's her intuition that amazes me every time we have the pleasure of meeting." Dr. Jessica Stankowski, BA (Psych), RAc, DTCM

"I had the most amazing experience by Christine of Bodycherish. Christine offered an energy healing session to balance my chakras. I found my body responding and begin to relax, her touch was so gentle and soothing. She explained everything to me prior as I had never had this type of treatment before. I felt so relaxed and grounded walking out of her space. You can feel the positive energy any time when around Christine she is someone who’s passion shines through her work."

"Thank you again for an incredible experience!! I feel fantastic!!!"

"Thank you again so much for yesterday. I feel refreshed, I feel a definite shift in my consciousness, and more than anything I feel really grateful to be on a similar life track with someone I feel is so inspiring and got so much good going on in her life"

"At first I was really excited but worried that I wouldn't feel anything my first Reiki & Crystal Healing treatment. Christine told me I may feel a hot or cold sensation or maybe even nothing. When she first put her hands on my head it felt like I had a cool sensation on my face. When she moved down to my stomach I felt a warm sensation. After that I just felt like I was floating, aware of my surrounding but not a thought in my head. It felt like an hour of meditation. Afterwards I felt extremely relax and energized. It was such a great experience and I really appreciated the explanation and education Christine gave me before my session to better understand the dynamics of reiki and crystals. Can’t wait to go back!

"Wow thank you Christine! I was feeling great after the Reiki session and woke up the next day feeling love, and energized. First thoughts I had on Saturday was crystals in my water so thank you for that link I will check it out. It was great session and I recommended you to a few of my friends & family members. I'm really looking forward to booking a crystal session!!! Thank you again and see you soon." 

"Thank you so much - I am still processing what happened. I don’t even have words except thank you!"