Soul Sessions

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How To Turn Pain To Purpose (Transmute Your Mess Into Your Message)

How To Get What You Want (Find The Hidden Incentive Of NOT Getting It & Acknowledge False Beliefs)

How to Find Alignment {Permission to Course Correct}, The Power of Community & Choosing to be a Human BEING no a Human Doing

7 Steps To Create a Profitable Online Program That Is Unique To You

13 Step Formula To Launch Your Soulpreneur Dreams 

Getting Into Vibrational Resonance & Making New Belief Systems On Money

How to Trust Your Intuition and Your Inner Guidance System

Women Manifesting Their Dreams (Who I Work With)

How to Speed Up The Manifestation Process. Become the Celebrity Of Your Own Life!

Fallon Brice's Graduate Testimonial

Tatiana Padilla's Graduate Testimonial

Livestream Webinar!! 5 Step Holistic Formula to Align With Your Dream Life & Business

Elevate Your Life Graduate Testimonial

Crystal Healing & the Chakras for Attracting Abundance & Clearing Subconscious Blocks

Getting Into Vibrational Resonance (LOA & Becoming An Energetic Match). Are You Ready To Make 2018 THE YEAR You Went For It!?

to Stop Limiting Beliefs! Give Yourself "Evidence" Things Are Working Out

How to use the Facial Ritual Kit... step by step tutorial finally here!!

Become a Soulpreneur Success ~ Launches March 2018!

It's time to shine brightly to attract soulmate level relationships~ No more dimming your light to fit in!

How to pick out crystals for heart healing, self-love & forgiveness

Crystal Healing Series: Selenite Spotlight!

Crystal Healing Tips For Soulpreneurs

 Why Being Impeccable With Your Word Is a Key Step For A High Vibin' Soulpreneur

How to Manage Stress & Anxiety With Crystals (crystal suggestions start at 5:40 minutes)

9 Signs You're In Your Spiritual Awakening

No Barrier Too Big To Prevent You From Pursuing Your Deepest Desires. In this video I share how my traumatic brain injury, fractured skull and subsequent loss of 100% my sense of smell could not prevent me from creating my dream for a skincare company (which has to smell good of course!)

Feeling Lonely During Your Spiritual Awakening? Wondering Where did Everybody Go & Isn't Your Vibe Suppose to Attract Your New Tribe? Watch This Video For Reassurance!

Crystal Healing 101 

How to get what you desire in life through faith & the law of attraction (changing thoughts and cultivating new belief systems).

How Following Your Joy Pursuits (What Lights You Up) is a Sure Fire Way to Discovering Your Unique Soul Purpose and an Living an Authentic & Inspired Life.