{Available May 2019} 3 Reiki & Crystal Healing Sessions (includes angel card reading)

The energy healing offerings will become available May 2019 once renovations are completed in my new space.

This 3 pack offering must be used within 4 months to access the discounted price.

During your healing session, I include a custom crystal healing grid specifically designed to support your intentions. If you are not sure what your intention is, here are possible options:
I AM cherished (powerful for self-love, heartbreak & raising self-esteem) ~ Heart Chakra
I AM a powerful creator (increase your manifestation abilities) ~ Solar Plexus
I AM inspired & free (increased creativity & minimized addictive tendencies) ~ Sacral Plexus
I AM comfortable & at ease (helpful for depression, chronic pain & insecurity) ~ Root Chakra
Detox, Renew & Recharge (purge the old & make way for the new)
Balance and Bliss (stress reducing & calming)

In person and distance Reiki is provided monthly to all the coaching clients enrolled in Elevate Your Life to ensure vibrational upgrades take place, alongside the 1:1 calls and modules:-) 

*Services only available for females.

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