Awakened Heart Candle {rose quartz + lavender}

All-natural soy candle, made with whopping 18 drops of organic essential oils, crystal & flower essences... plus 1 polished rose quartz crystal inside that can be found once fully burned!

Elements: This crystal candle has been handcrafted with the heart opening powers of organic lavender, jasmine, rose and vanilla essential oils as well as the vibrational powers of wild harvested *holly flower essence and *larimar, *rose quartz & *sugilite (indirect) crystal essences (made in glacial spring water & charged under the light of the super full moon to further amplify & enhance the energy).

Ritual: Light candle to permeate the space with a delightful aroma & heart chakra opening energy. Excellent for instilling feelings of self-love & compassion during times of sorrow or grief and to draw in soulmate level love.

Free from paraffin wax, lead wicks, colour dyes, synthetics & parabens which impact the quality of air and the health of our bodies. This luxury candle comes in a 4 oz glass jar which is also recyclable & earth friendly :-)

Crystal Healing:
*Larimar - Known as the stone of serenity & calm; bringing in joy and connecting one to the angelic realm. Also known to for it's abilities to heal the heart from past trauma in order to open oneself up to draw in soulmate level love.
*Sugilite - Known as the spiritual love stone, opening one up to the highest truth of universal love and wisdom. Also one of the very best crystals for those who are highly sensitive and take on whatever energies are around them as it creates a warm, protective “shield of Light,” keeping the wearer impervious to negativity and the disharmony of others.
*Rose Quartz - Known for it's ability to promote self-love and deep inner healing as well as encouraging trust, compassion and forgiveness to oneself and others.

Flower Healing:
*Holly - Promotes the heart to open up in order to feel love for oneself and also to be able to extend love and compassion out to others. Holly can help cleanse the body of negativity or lower emotions.   

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