Distance Reiki 45 minutes

Experience the wonderful energy healing effects of Reiki in the comfort of your very own home. Distance healing sessions are 45 minutes in duration. Schedule your session by clicking the image below.

When picking a time, one idea is to pick closer to bedtime.. that way you can drift off to sleep during or after and then experience a very restorative slumber. 

Distance energy healing available for both males & females. At checkout via this online store, make sure to pick the free shipping and handling option.

During your healing session, if you would like me to include a crystal grid specifically for you, please let me know! Here are some possible options:
I AM cherished (powerful for self-love, heartbreak & raising self-esteem) ~ Heart Chakra
I AM a powerful creator (increase your manifestation abilities) ~ Solar Plexus
I AM inspired & free (increased creativity & minimized addictive tendencies) ~ Sacral Plexus
I AM comfortable & at ease (helpful for depression, chronic pain & insecurity) ~ Root Chakra
Detox, Renew & Recharge (purge the old & make way for the new)
Balance and Bliss (stress reducing & calming)

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