Focus & Clarity Candle {clear quartz + peppermint}

All-natural soy candle, made with whopping 18 drops of organic essential oils, crystal & flower essences... plus 1 clear quartz crystal inside that can be found once fully burned!

Elements: This crystal candle has been handcrafted with organic peppermint & rosemary essential oils & the vibrational powers of wild harvested *clematis flower essence and *clear quartz & *fluorite (indirect) crystal essences (made in glacial spring water & charged under the light of the full moon to further amplify & enhance the energy).

Ritual: Light candle to permeate the space with a mind stimulating aroma & awakening energy that will sharpen focus and concentration. Excellent for use during times of work or study. 

Free from paraffin wax, lead wicks, colour dyes, synthetics & parabens which impact the quality of air and the health of our bodies. This luxury candle comes in a 4 oz glass jar which is also recyclable & earth friendly :-)  

Crystal Healing:
*Fluorite - Known for it's ability to act like a mental cleanser and to draw off electromagnetic smog in the environment, including from computers or cell phones. Also know as a powerful healer that can ground energy and protect the aura.
*Clear quartz - Powerful master healer known for it's ability to amplify energy and enhance concentration; while also ccleansing, balancing & protecting all chakra energy centres.

Flower Healing:
*Clematis - Enhances concentration and focused; while supporting manifestation of ideas into practical life. 

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