Let's Get Cozy Candle {vanilla spice}

Back this Christmas! 

All-natural soy candle, made organic essential oils plus high vibrational crystal & flower essences... plus 1 clear quartz crystal inside that can be found once fully burned!

Elements: ethically sourced soy wax, handcrafted with organic vanilla, nutmeg & clove essential oils & the vibrational powers of wild harvested holly flower essences & clear quartz crystal essences made in glacial spring water & charged under the light of the full moon.1 quartz crystal can be found at the bottom once burned!

Ritual: Light candle to permeate the space with a comforting aroma & heart opening energy. Perfect candle during holiday season or simply getting cozy on the couch with a good book.. Trim wick as needed.

Free from paraffin wax, lead wicks, colour dyes, synthetics & parabens which impact the quality of air and the health of our bodies. This luxury candle comes in a 4 oz glass jar which is also recyclable & earth friendly :-)

Flower Healing:
*Holly - Promotes the heart to open up in order to feel love for oneself and also to be able to extend love and compassion out to others. Holly can help cleanse the body of negativity or lower emotions. 

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