Organic Skin Repair {dry/cracked skin oil}

Repair dry and cracked skin with this rich and extra hydrating oil, blended with pure plant botanicals, essential oils, crystal essences & loads of vitamin E. This skin soothing, organic body oil nourishes and repairs the skin while offering anti-inflammatory, age defying & beautifying results due to the ingredients rich in antioxidants & vitamins. 

Nature's Elements: organic sweet almond oil, organic jojoba oil, organic grapeseed oil, organic argan oil, vitamin E, organic essential oils of sandalwood, lavender & vanilla, vitamin E, grapefruit seed extract & *crystal essences made in glacial spring water

Ritual: apply to dry and cracked skin (hands, cuticles, elbows, heels and knees). 

Sizes: 30 ml in earth friendly glass bottles with drip free pump 

*Crystal Essences & Benefits:      

Smoky Quartz: known as the power stone of protection, bringing in strength & stability. Has ability to transmute negative energies. Exceptional for grounding energy and cleansing the body. Assists elimination and detoxification on all levels, ushering in positive energy in its place. Also known for skin enhancement abilities.

Fluorite: known to regenerate the skin, heal wounds, combat bacteria and diminish blemishes and wrinkles. Promotes purification and reorganization within the body, brings mental clarity, protects against electromagnetic (computer) smog and stabilizes aura. 

Rose Quartz: known as the love stone that is particularily helpful for instilling deeper feelings of self love and worth as well as raising self esteem, while helping to open the heart chakra to forgiveness and compassion. Balances emotions and brings peace and calm, while reducing stress and anxiety. Known to smooth and clear complexion & releases impurities from bodily fluids. Good for skin conditions including exzema, psoriasis, burns & blistering.

Beauty Inspired by Nature ~ read testimonials here! 

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