Reiki & Crystal Healing 75 minutes (includes angel card reading)

During your healing session, I include a custom crystal healing grid specifically designed to support your intentions. If you are not sure what your intention is, here are some possible options:
I AM cherished (powerful for self-love, heartbreak & raising self-esteem) ~ Heart Chakra
I AM a powerful creator (increase your manifestation abilities) ~ Solar Plexus
I AM inspired & free (increased creativity & minimized addictive tendencies) ~ Sacral Plexus
I AM comfortable & at ease (helpful for depression, chronic pain & insecurity) ~ Root Chakra
Detox, Renew & Recharge (purge the old & make way for the new)
Balance and Bliss (stress reducing & calming)

Please click picture below for direct access to my booking system, where you will be able to select your preferred date and time.

 Payment can be made via this online store or in person the day of appointment.

*Services only available for females.

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