Space Clear Candle {amethyst + sage}

All-natural soy candle, made with a whopping 21 drops of organic essential oils of sage, lavender & rosemary, plus high vibrational crystal & flower essences... plus 1 polished chevron amethyst crystal inside that can be found once fully burned!

Elements: This crystal candle has been handcrafted with organic sage, lavender & rosemary essential oils & the high vibrational powers of wild harvested *holly flower essence & *smoky quartz, *fluorite & *amethyst crystal essences (made in glacial spring water & charged under the light of the full moon to further amplify & enhance the energy).

Ritual: Light candle to permeate the space with a refreshing aroma & energy that transmutes negativity and purifies the space. Excellent for clearing stagnant energy and revitalizing the home. 

Free from paraffin wax, lead wicks, colour dyes, synthetics & parabens which impact the quality of air and the health of our bodies. This luxury candle comes in a 4 oz glass jar which is also recyclable & earth friendly :-)

Crystal Healing:
*Amethyst - Known for it's detoxifying properties and ability to cleanse and protect the aura (energy field of body); while drawing in positivity, calmness and balance. Also known to cleanse the blood, boost the immune system & improve sleep.
*Smoky Quartz - Known for it's powerful detoxifying & purifying properties as well as it's ability to ground and protect while transmuting negativity; while also ushering in calmness & peaceful dreams.
*Fluorite - Known for it's ability to draw off electromagnetic smog in the environment, including from computers or cell phones. Also know for it's ability to cleanse the mind of negativity and also protect the aura. 

Flower Healing:
*Holly - Promotes the heart to open up in order to feel love for oneself and also to be able to extend love and compassion out to others. Holly can help cleanse the body of negativity or lower emotions. 

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