Triangles Tote Bag

Shop for your groceries in style with the lovely tote bag. This bag can also serve as a perfect beach bag to toss in your suncare supplies.

This rockin' tote showcases a triangle, which in sacred geometry represents so much more than just a pretty shape. The triangle is one of the most powerful & universal symbols.  

Sacred Geometry: The triangle is considered the most stable of forms and is comprised of 3 sides. Three symbolizes the trinity of life, of substance, intellect, and the force which drives it. It is the point where matter and consciousness connect to the higher realms.  The 3 sides, in esoteric terms, represent the way of the mind, body & spirit as one unit. One can think of it as 3 dimensions - the thought, the body that houses it, and the spirit that moves it... click HERE to read more on a previous blog post.