Year Long Energy Upgrade Plan

This Is The Ultimate Energy Transformation Plan.

This offering includes 7 Reiki & crystal healing sessions, which also include personalized angel card readings. Each session is 75 minutes and is only available for females. Committing to this year long energy upgrade will not only save you $140 dollars (compared to buying sessions separately), but it will literally aid you in becoming an energetic match to the kind of life experience you deserve to live.

The recommended sequences of treatments would be:

  • First 3 sessions scheduled approximately 4 weeks apart (to really shift your energy "set point" to a new vibration and higher frequency)
  • For ongoing maintenance of your new energy set point, and to keep your chakra energy centres open and balanced on a consistent basis, your remaining 4 sessions would be scheduled with each season change of the year (1 during the spring, 1 in the summer, 1 in the autumn and 1 in the winter).

For clients who really want to move with the natural rhythms of nature, I encourage you to book your seasonal treatments on the actual equinox dates (although these fill up fast). This is an incredibly powerful and effective way to move with the ebbs and flows of life, while maintaining a higher vibration (which equates to lower stress levels, more positive mood states and feel good emotions, higher levels of energy and and overall sense of health & vitality). 

After payment is complete via the online store (where you will select "free shipping at checkout") please click image below for direct access to booking system. You can then select your first session date and time!