May 21, 2019


I woke up extra early today with excitement coursing through my veins because I knew today was the day I get to celebrate a major, MAJOR milestone in my life and, what I can say with certainty, has been my greatest challenge to face, admit & overcome.
Today I celebrate my 2 year sobriety anniversary. I quit drinking because I, like MANY men & women, developed an addiction to alcohol. I didn’t plan for it to happen nor did I want it to happen. It snuck up slowly on me & I found myself in my late 20’s starting to question my relationship with alcohol - specifically the very terrifying question, “could I be an alcoholic?”
I had a hard time even mustering the strength to ask myself this question. It felt scary, gross & shameful. I thought to myself, “I don’t look the appearance of an alcoholic - isn’t that just what older men are who spend their nights at the local dive bar?” You can’t blame me for having that media, TV and movies never depict a young, affluent and successful woman as someone who develops alcoholism. Why would they? That would dramatic decrease sales now wouldn’t it? 
I didn’t mention, but I almost died when I turned 29 from alcohol use. I got black-out drunk, fell down my stairs, lost consciousness, sustained a fractured skull, traumatic brain injury and lost my smell (still to this day I can’t smell anything). If this wasn’t a BIG wake up call to question my relationship with alcohol, I don’t know what would be??
As I started to look more into this disease, I learned so many shocking statistics. One that stood out is that MORE WOMEN who are presently developing alcoholism than men - and these women are not down on their luck, poor and uneducated - but the opposite. They are in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and, by societal norms, successful people with busy lives and families.
Well now, if that stat is true, why did I feel so painfully alone with my realization of my addiction? Why did I feel like something was “wrong” with me and that I must keep my internal struggles with using or not using a secret? It is because this is one of the biggest secrets running rampant in today’s society.
The truth is EVERYONE (any age, gender and background) can develop alcoholism (or any addiction for that matter). Like any lifestyle disease (type 2 diabetes, for example) it is lifestyle choice induced - and has a gradual onset overtime. Not everyone develops it but some do - some develop it when they are older but others, like me, develop it quicker & become aware of it at a much younger age.
You see, alcoholism runs deep throughout my family tree & bloodline - but the thing is, no one ever talked about it and definitely no one EVER admitted it...because admitting it is the HARDEST part. It requires putting the Ego aside and trust me, I get how hard that is.
I remember May 21, 2017 like it was yesterday. I woke up for the VERY LAST TIME with a hang-over, pit of guilt in my stomach, confusion as to how the hell did this happen again (1 drink leading to another black-out), and most importantly, A DESIRE THAT BURNED THROUGH MY HEART SO DEEP to never subject myself to this pain, regret and harm again.
This was the day, I finally took myself to my first support meeting. Oh god, let me tell you, this was the biggest ego check I have EVER had make. I waltzed my butt through that door, looking a lot different than the people in that room. Some looked homeless, most down on their luck, and only one other woman. I believe a massive part of my ego died that day because that was the day I FINALLY admitted I do have a problem, I am not different than others, and despite 2 previous attempts to get sober, I had failed.
There was something about really, REALLY admitting to my mind, heart & Soul that I can’t do this alone and I do have a problem… and it was that day (in that act TRUE SURRENDER), I experienced the BIGGEST BLESSING & MIRACLE of my life. My cravings for alcohol (which I had battled for years leading up to that day), were completed banished from my mind, consciousness and body. It was as if they never existed.
That means, following that day, I never had to “try” to not use again. The impulse itself was taken away from me. I was freed of the pain, struggle and the heartbreak that this substance brought to my life.
There once was a time when I woke up after using with an overwhelming sense of guilt, shame and confusion. My weekends were spent recovering from alcohol and this syphoned my creativity, ambition, health, vitality and inspiration from me. There was once a time, where the pinnacle of my week was drinking → then recovering (basically for 15 years).
There was no space for what I now get the privilege & honour to wake up each day to, including feeling:
  1. Massive gratitude and appreciation for my extremely blessed life
  2. Radical self-love & acceptance for who I am & what I have been through
  3. Confidence and rock-sold clarity in my direction & life purpose
  4. A mindset unshakable in that I can now achieve anything I desire
  5. The ability to quit my corporate career (March 30, 2017) that was stifling me and my true gifts
  6. The ability to create (out of my sheer imagination) 2 businesses, Bodycherish skincare & Christine Nicole Coaching (both purpose-driven & impactful in the world)
  7. The ability to be of service to others - through my spiritual life and business coaching programs and mentorship, which has been the most deeply fulfilling path imaginable
  8. The ability to earn way more money working for myself than I ever thought possible (Quarter Million Dollars to date!)
  9. The ability to stop spending/wasting my money on stupid shit (bars, cabs, etc.) → now replaced with investing money wisely, owning 3 investment properties and having 5 tenants
  10. Freedom to wake up each day without illness, hangover and low energy → now replaced with being in the best health & fitness of my life at 34 years old
  11. The freedom to travel the world (18 cities & 5 countries in 2 years), speak on stage to hundreds of women, and manifest all of my deepest desires and wildest dreams
  12. The ability to wake up each day with ambition, creativity, excitement/passion for life & all the possibilities that await!
  13. The ability to attract the best relationships possible (ideal friendships and true love)
Thank-you for reading and I hope this sheds light, not only on my journey, but on a topic that has stayed hidden in the shadows for far too long, for far too many, due to fear of judgement from others.
In conclusion, what I can promise myself and the world is this: I will continue to commit myself to my higher purpose in life & view it as a walking +waking miracle each day. That means I will be brave enough to be vulnerable (even when uncomfortable), I will choose forgiveness over blame, and I will decide to transmute my past pain to my very purpose & follow through with what my Soul intended me to do in this lifetime. #BOOM
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Love Christine xo
May 12, 2019

[New Video] How to Find & Heal Subconscious Patterns (my brain injury, addiction, divorce & catfishing example)

In this new video, you will learn: How to Find & Heal Subconscious Patterns Limiting Success In Your Life (my brain injury, addiction, divorce & catfishing example). I hope you enjoy!

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This free training will provide you essential steps to up-level your life but also (at the end) more details on what the Signature Program, Elevate Your Life, provides to women around the world every year.

Saturn Goes Retrograde... Why This is Mega-Good!

Saturn goes retrograde now until mid-September!

If this post caught your eye, it is probably because you've heard about Mercury Retrograde, which has a bad rap in mainstream media these days. Well, this post is to assure you that when Saturn goes retrograde there is nothing to fear! It is also important to clarify that this is not the same as when "Saturn Returns." That is a whole different ball game which you can learn about here.

The reason this planetary retrograde is favourable for us is that it triggers us to dive a little deeper and explore what it is that our soul truly yearns for us to do, be and experience in this lifetime. When this retrograde cycle comes around it lasts about 4 months at which time we are given an opportunity for self-discovery and contemplation.

This delicious period literally speeds up the rate at which we can discover and unlock our purpose in this life or incarnation. This is the period to rediscover who you truly are, go deeper & remember and apply why you are here.

If you've been feeling a little lost lately or out of sorts, then this is your time to go within so that by August you come out feeling sparkly and bright, connected and aligned to what you are truly meant to do. Introspection, journaling, alone time (especially in nature) is excellent during this time. If it is difficult to find alone time or get outside, trying bringing nature's elements to you. You can do this by working with healing crystals (placing in your pockets, holding during meditation or reading or wearing as jewelry). Essential oils (sourced from the plant kingdom) are also great to accompany you. Diffusing or nebulizing them in your home is a sure fire way to bring Mama Nature's healing energy into your home.

So I hope you feel excited to hear of this planetary cycle and look forward with eagerness to where you'll be and how you'll feel come August! This is also an incredibly powerful and effective time to enrol in a self development course or study group. I have created a Signature 16 Week Program called Elevate Your Life (and become an energetic match to your deepest desires & wildest dreams).

This program is for you, if you've done what what society expected of you, and despite that, you are:

  • Zapped of Energy and Lacking Magic & Inspiration in Your Life
  • Feeling Unfulfilled & Disconnected From Your True Passions & Purpose
  • Wondering "Is This As Good As It Gets?" As You Go Through Life on Auto-Pilot

EYL Signature Coaching System unlike anything else on the market. It is a truly unique & multi-faceted approach to reaching high levels of success & fulfillment. This offering takes you through a step-by-step sequence, with key milestones, which will unleash & activate your highest potential. Although an effective system is in place, there is also flexibility & flow to ensure service is custom-tailored to your unique needs. This signature sequence ensures you move through & experience positive transformation so that you leave feeling wildly obsessed with life (& elevated to your new energy set point or vibrational frequency). Once this happens, your life will just keep getting better and better. The sky is the limit with no goal too big or out of reach.

Enrollment hits max capacity every single season & now includes a LIVE in-person mastermind event I host for the Super-Tribe of women I work with!

If this excites you, feel free to explore more details here:-) 

You can also email me at and ask me more questions if you like. This year's enrollment has 2 tiers including a group mentorship and private VIP mentorship, pending your needs:)

April 25, 2019

[NEW VIDEO] 8 Easy Ways To Invite More WEALTH Into Your Home

Does wealth want to live here?? Now what does this mean exactly?

First we must view wealth as a thing - let’s even give it a name to make it feel like a living and breathing entity.

Remember - EVERYTHING is energy - that is why i call money - MONERGY!

We are energetic/vibrational beings too - so is wealth.

Now our work is to become more and more a vibrational match to wealth.

Yes there are TONS of ways to do this (why I have a 6 week course this summer, called Abundant Boss Queen) but for today let’s keep it simple, easy, fun… and action orientated.

Step one: Think back to childhood - did you have rich friends? Poor friends? What did the homes FEEL like in the wealthy family homes? What did they feel like in the poor families?

Was there a trend - were the poor families often more messy, unorganized and cluttered?

Were the rich families more clean, put together and organized?

I know for me, being the poor family, mine was a messy home, often cluttered with stuff and irregularly cleaned. I was especially mortified by my front yard and fence which was absolute chaos (weeds everywhere, the lawn never mowed, the paint peeling off the extremely old fence).

My friends with families with money always had nice yards and a welcoming energy to their home. It felt safe, peaceful and flowey to walk inside. They smelled good too!

What does this imply? Money and wealth like to be invited into homes with a certain kind of energy that FEELS nice - a higher frequency.

Step 2: What you can do to shift the energy to say "come on in wealth, I am happy to host you"

  1. Declutter and donate
  2. Organize - have things all have home
  3. Clean - show your house you love it and treat it with respect
  4. Essential oils lift the vibe
  5. Try saging and sweetgrass
  6. Crystals!!
  7. Treat your home with dignity, respect and regard - show it some love versus treating it like a dumping ground - that is showing your home disrespect and money and wealth require you to respect it and hold it in a high regard - this is key!!
  8. Pretend money is a living and being thing and know that is likes to hang out with QUEENS who live in castles - you don’t need an expensive home to make it your castle - all you need to to treat your house like a home, declutter the shit out of it and make your bed and clean up after yourself. Money likes that kind of energy!!

Did you enjoy this? You can catch ALL the Livestreams inside the private FB community, High Vibin' Soulpreneurs right here!

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{VIDEO} 7 UNIQUE Ways to Add Crystal + Gemstone Energy To Your Home To Feel Great

7 UNIQUE Ways to Add Crystal & Gemstone Energy To Your Home To Feel Great

1. Add gemstone (non-toxic) directly into a nebulizer (where you put water and essential oils). Consider making your own gemstone essences and add the liquid essence/tincture in replace of the crystal. You can add toxic stones but only if you make them into an essence via the indirect method!

2. Add gemstone (essence or actual crystal if non-toxic) to your bedroom humidifier - today I added shungite and carnelian!

3. Add gemstone (essence or actual crystal if non-toxic) to your bath water 

4. Add gemstones throughout your home (office, bedroom, bathroom, living room and even kitchen windowsill)

5. Add essences under your tongue or spray over your body and head to permeate your aura (great to do before meditation or after a long day around energy-draining people)

6. Add gemstone (essence or actual crystal if non-toxic) directly to your drinking water (I have been drinking citrine, larimar and clear quartz water for a few months)

7. Add gemstone (essence or actual crystal if non-toxic) to your homemade cleaning products!

Hope you enjoy the video!  Crystal healing and a TON more is all taught in Elevate Your Life - a transformational journey for women wanting more! Details at:

March 30, 2019

{NEW VIDEO} Let's Talk Relationships (3 Steps On How To Find True Love & Stop Settling)

In this video we dive into why you need to throw you childhood plans & timeline for love out the window and make space for a better plan .. and why too many people settle for "good" but not great (blocking The One from showing up). These concepts and MUCH MORE are covered in:

Elevate Your Life {transformational journey for women wanting more}:

{New Video} How To Transform Your Life & Uncover Your Purpose (Elevate Your Life Interview)

I had the pleasure of recently being interviewed by Alexi Panos, where we dive deep on why I created Elevate Your Life & who it is meant to serve. Hope you enjoy! 

{New Video} My Backstory with Alcohol Addiction and Positive Transformation ~ Extreme Vulnerability

In this video, I decided to be more vulnerable and transparent than I have ever been before with regards to my experience with alcohol addiction, which runs through my family tree.

You see, I feel it is so easy us to show the world how great life is now but not enough people ACTUALLY share about what is was like before it got good. They may summarize it into a single sentence but don't give you the details of what actually took place to support their positive transformation.

..and that is why, in this video, I take you on the journey with me, from where I was (hanging out in rock bottom with a carpet imprint on the side of my face) and what steps were taken to move me into my new (best!) chapter of my life.

I am now in my dream life, submerged fully in my soulpreneur career & higher purpose, in the best health & fitness of my life, in union with my soulmate and {most importantly}, feeling radical self-love for who I am & have become in this humbling experience of addiction.

I share this backstory to inspire someone who needs a reminder that there is always room and opportunity to overhaul your life in an amazing way. It was not too long ago I was in my rock bottom feeling so far away from everything that is now my new normal. If it is possible for me, it is 100% possible for you too.

Hugs & I believe in you,


January 30, 2019

Skin Transformation (why I don't wash my face)

You might be thinking...what?! How can this be true? Isn't this the same gal selling facial care products! The truth is that I want the facial products to work optimally for your skin and from experience I know what worked BEST for my face. I use to suffer from inflamed red skin, cystic acne, eczema patches all over the corners of my nose, allergic skin reactions (hives and itching were a regular occurrence), and reddish bumps on the back of my arms. It made me feel less confident and frustrated. It seemed like no matter how much money I threw away on the most expensive, high end products, I still couldn't correct my skin. In fact, the more I spent, the worse it seemed to get! I complicated things and naively thought that a bigger price tag a fancy name brand meant better results.



I started to educate myself and learned that those "high end" brands were made with poor ingredients, chalked full of garbage (toxins and other fillers too difficult to pronounce). I realized I was paying top dollar for the label, marketing and extensive overhead costs that big companies have to shell out. The smallest part of what I was actually paying for was the ingredients used... How backwards does that seem?? So, first I started buying natural products with healthy ingredients and noticed a skin improvement. Not too long after that, I started to formulate and test my very own recipes made with the most premium ingredients Mama Nature has to offer. I got really good at perfecting the recipes and before long my skin was 100% different than it used to be. I didn't take pictures of my face when it was at it's worst and so the picture above doesn't showcase the true skin change.

Flash forward to today and I have not purchased a product for my body or my face in years and I now no longer have ANY of my previous skin issues, unless I occasionally indulge in dairy (which triggers acne).

The Facial Ritual Kit, is the end result of what worked for me.  Using this kit is the trick to effectively break the viscous cycle of stripping your facial skin of all the healthy oils with harsh face washes, followed by your skin then having to respond by producing an excess amount of oil to make up for it.

I use to think that simply washing my face with water in the morning would mean I would have even worse skin conditions than I was already suffering from. Interestingly enough, when I started to rinse my face with warm water in the morning, followed by simply applying the Facial Toning Elixir and Organic Facial Serum, my skin dramatically improved! And I mean big time! It is like it literally became younger looking and feeling. Allowing my skin to rebalance itself required letting the natural producing skin sebum to do it's thing. Applying a harsh morning face wash can strip your skin of the healthy amount of sebum and then kickstart that viscous cycle leading to acne and/or dry skin.

I still do use (about 2 times a week) a very gentle and hydrating skin cleanser as a base to mix the masks and polishes when I apply them. This is called the Hydrate & Cleanse (mask & polish base). Other than that, it is plain old warm water with a wash cloth for me followed by the Facial Toning Elixir and Organic Facial Serum in the morning and before bedtime. If you are worried about how to remove your makeup (and any excess dirt and grime) effectively at night time, I suggest removing as much as your can with a warm wash cloth and then applying a few dabs of coconut oil to the mascara residue around your eyes. Then spray the Toning Elixir onto a cotton pad and gently rubbed across the entire face, neck and eye area. This very effectively tightens pores, removes dirt, excess oil, all makeup and leaves the skin with a luminous glow. Follow this step up with a couple drops of the Organic Facial Serum and Bam! ...Radiant & Glowing Skin!

Check out the Facial Ritual Skin Kit here!

This Facial Ritual Kit turns your facial care routine into a sacred self love & care ritual that is truly enjoyable! This ultimate green beauty kit covers the entire facial protocol. The products in this line work synergistically with each other to ensure r e s u l t s.

January 04, 2019

{New Video} How To Work With The Eclipses, Planets & Moon Cycle To Get What You Want

In tonight's live stream we are talking astrology, the planets, new moon, full moon and the powerful portal that starts this Saturday,.. The eclipse doorway!

Not only that, we also have no planets in retrograde (after a heavy season of back to back retrogrades this is a welcomed relief... can I get an amen!). Well, technically uranus is retrograde until Jan 6 but after that it is FULL steam ahead.

So first I will explain what an eclipse doorway is - there will be two and the first Jan 5 is a partial solar and the second is a lunar on the 21st … so it is that period of just over 2 weeks that has extra potency!

Not only that, the first eclipse lands on our January new moon (January 5th) and the second eclipse lands on the exact date of the full moon (January 21).

New moons are excellent for…. Introspection, going within, quiet time, journalling, connecting to Soul, meditation, salt baths, clearing your home, office and own energy field. Surrendering and letting go of the past.  This is also where you want to plant seeds on what you want to bring forth and make space for.

Full moons are reaching the pinnacle.. The energy accumulates up to this day.

Eclipses are thought of as fated events that literally open up a gateway for you to rise up into your higher potential. The fated event could be an opportunity, an event, a phone call, a training or education. They can also be fated events that remove something from your life that isn't aligned to your higher path. 

So, over the 2 week portal here are my suggestions to best utilize this energy - because remember what you begin now will have a long lasting ripple effect in your life and next year.

  1. What you focus on is supported by the Universe (nothing is hidden from your consciousness as all planets will be direct)
  2. Pay attention to signs around you
  3. Cleanse your energy and home
  4. Practice gratitude, daily
  5. Allow your natural talents to shine through
  6. Take concrete steps on your dreams
  7. Allow your creative side to come out and play
  8. Permission to be unleashed & show up FULLY and unapologetically!

Hope these suggestions help and happy new moon & solar eclipse:-)

Psssst, if you have not saved your spot for the LIVE TRAINING on January 15th (during this energy portal to manifest big time what you want!), you can by clicking right here:)

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