May 31, 2017

Bodycherish is so much more than just organic skincare - it's a holistic lifestyle & empowered way of being.  
Here you will find holistic health tips + soulful inspiration.
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Video interview: How to make space for powerful & positive transformation

My video interview with Caroline Stewart, from inspirED me, In this we discuss the value of self-love & care; my own positive transformation from a very difficult time; finding your inspiration (including resources + tips to help) and last but not least...why pursuing your desires is essential well-being & awakening to your purpose.  This video is chalked full of juicy topics ~ I hope you enjoy!

Caroline's vision of inspiring others is brought to life in this video series where she interviews InspirED community leaders to reveal how they find and share their inspiration. If you are curious to learn more, please explore Caroline's website here full of valuable content!

Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole